Best Ways To Help Assited Living

The choice to move to an assisted living facility is a hard choice for most of the again population. Most people don’t want to give up their independence. They have always taken care of themselves and, in most cases, taken care of others. So, when the time comes to require help from others, a person may feel like they are losing a sense of self.

Why Someone Might Need Assisted Living Help

Assisted living is not the same thing as a nursing home. Nursing homes provide 24 hour care to those who are no longer able to look after them self. Assisted living is different. Most of the people who require assisted living are those who need a bit of extra help with their activities of daily living. Things such as medication administration, cooking, getting to appointments, help with finances, and other daily tasks.

  • As a person ages, these things become much more challenging to keep track of. Missing a medication dose can have dire consequences on someone’s health. This can lead to more hospital visits and declining health.
  • – Being able to feed one’s self becomes harder and harder as we age. Preparing meals can be challenging if the person has any pain issues due to aging. Sometimes people become “forgetful” and can leave the stove on, making cooking as safety issue. Even getting to the grocery store can pose a problem in some cases.
  • – As we age, our health declines. It is important to keep up with medical appointments so that we can prevent or at least control any health issues that come along. If a person is unable to see a doctor on a regular basis, keeping on top of their health can become a real challenge.
  • – Keeping track of finances is hard even when you aren’t part of the aging population. It is easy to forget to pay a bill or to overdraft a bank account. Even getting to the bank to resolve these issues can seem overwhelming.

Assisted living facilities are simply there to help with all of these things. They are available to give someone the tools required to keep a person independent longer. Most of these facilities allow the person to leave the premises as they please. They can even keep driving so long as it is deemed safe. Assisted living is like a safety net for those who require a bit of help with their activities of daily living. 

Aging is inevitable but it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to live life as you please. Sometimes you just need a bit of help and it is OK to ask for it.

Assisted Living in Wilmington, NC

An assisted living residence or facility is typically a group living environment for either
people with disabilities, or people who cannot live independently. It is similar to a retirement home as most of the people living are elderly people. Assisted living in Wilmington, nc on an average can cost about $3,666 per month and these are lower than the charges of nursing homes. The monthly charges of assisted living homes are generally lower in North Carolina than in the neighboring states. There are nearly 9 assisted living homes in and near Wilmington. Nursing homes are generally more expensive than assisted homes. However, people in the nursing homes usually require round the clock care and more complicated medical treatments while the ones in the assisted living homes require some care and mostly companionship and company or human interaction. These are similar to retirement homes or Senior Citizen centers. The assisted living houses are of various types depending upon the requirement and wishes of the individual. Usually, they offer an independent apartment with options of a one bedroom apartment or two, or studio type apartment with the other people in an assisted environment. There are special rooms and facilities for the people suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia. The insurance policies do not usually pay for the assisted living facilities. They might cover the doctor and the medicine charges but the rent and the board fees do not fall under Medicaid.

Assisted living can be for number of things depending upon the person’s disclosure, from company at dinner to getting an insulin injection from a nurse. The activities
include feeding, taking care of the person, grooming, healthcare, etc. These facilities might be provided at a fee or for free depending on the facility. Generally, the minimum age requirement for assisted living is 55 in some states while 60 in others. However, some assisted residences offer inter generational living to college or grad students who cannot afford to live on their own, apartment for free in exchange for their donating their time to the community service of the elders in the assisted homes or simply spending time with them.

Assisted living homes require licensing from the US State government. The residents of
the assisted living homes should be provided with a private room with a locking
mechanism and a private bathroom and kitchen. They are required to provide the residents with proper healthcare facilities and personal care. Nurses should be available for medication and other emergency purposes. The main purpose of assisted living is so that the old people can age properly and do not have to switch to other senior citizen homes or nursing homes for better care as their healthcare requirements increase.


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